We're sorry to hear you have a potential defect and need some rectification done, please fill in the form below in order to submit your request.

Before starting please note, you must provide photo or video footage of the issue in order for us to assess it.

We highly recommend firstly checking the standards and tolerances guidelines here. Often defects are reported which do not qualify, for example there might be an issue with the plastering, such as an indentation, however this needs to be able to be visually seen from at least 1.5 metres away, in other words it needs to be visible when standing at a normal distance from the wall.

We are happy to rectify any defects, however if we need to come out to site to verify it and it does not qualify, there will be a call out fee of $230 + GST, as such it's recommended to confirm with the document above.

I agree that if I submit a request which does not meet the requirements of a defect and the builder attends the site, I will be responsible for paying the $230 + GST call out fee.